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Note: This is the 2nd phase of our Fall Pre-Order
These hats will arrive in late-September 2017
The price will go up on July 15th, August 1st and August 9th.

Hat details:
Black cotton, adjustable
One size fits all
Adjustable strapback

Their story:
The Vancouver Asahi were a legendary Japanese-Canadian baseball team who played from 1914-1941. The Asahi home field was in downtown Vancouver at Oppenheimer Park (Powell Street Grounds).

The Asahi's story is kept alive by the Japanese community and the Nikkei Museum in Burnaby.

The last living Asahi player is Kaye Kaminishi - we have been very lucky to meet him two times at our events.

The Asahi were inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 2005.


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