• Image of Classic 1918 (SnapBack)
  • Image of Classic 1918 (SnapBack)

100-year Anniversary of the 1918 Vancouver Beavers

(Also, this is a replica of original prototype from 2013)

The Vancouver Beaver's were one of Vancouver's first professional baseball teams. They were founded in 1908 - in a time when clubs and leagues and parks for that matter, could barely survive a full season without folding. But somehow, the Beaver's - for the most part, because of their fearless leader, Bob Brown - endured. The Beavers played from 1908 to 1922. Professional Baseball didn't come back to Vancouver until 1937 (Vancouver Maple Leafs).

Bob Brown bought the struggling franchise in 1910 for $500.
Their home field was Athletic Park, located near Granville Island.
The Beaver's won NWL Championship penants in 1911, 13, 14.

The Classic V design is inspired by the "V" from their 1918 jersey.

Hat details:
Adult size
Light grey heather w/ white patch
Short brim

Sold Out