• Image of Vancouver Womens Basketball 1904-05

The Vancouver Womens Basketball Team - aka Vancouver Business College Basketball Team - from 1904-05 (as you can see written on the basketball).

The photo from Vancouver Archives is iconic. The jerseys look to be thick wool turtle neck sweaters and they are wearing long skirts too. In todays world of high tech and high fashion sportswear, its amazing to see what the original athletes used to wear.

Not many teams from the early 1900's were as put together as this one. Who knows what happened on the court, but this photo presents them as a formidable opponent who are ready to battle. The logo stands out and looks to be professionally cut because there isn't much variation between them.

Hat details:
Charcoal with white, adjustable strapback, curved brim ballcap.


  • Charcoal strapback
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