The Nine O'Clock Gun Company


Our hats are inspired by our home. B.C.

The Club Kickoff Collection
We design and produce a limited edition seasonal hat for the club.
>Winter toque - 10 in stock
>Spring meshback - 28 in stock

The Backcountry Collection
Sacred spots where we grow, learn and be - our true selves. Breathe in the fresh air and soak in nature. 

>The Outdoorsman - SOLD OUT
>The BC Hiker
>The Logger
>The Backcountry
>The Fraser River - SOLD OUT
>The Douglas Fir - SOLD OUT
>The Sea to Sky
>The Rockfish
>The Island
>The Sunshine Coast

Gastown Baseball Collection
Representing the roots of the city life. Hard working, whiskey smiles, turning dark energy into motivation.

>The Lemons Baseball 1911
>The Asahi Basebell 1914
>The Shikishima Bluebirds 1941
>The Steveston Fuji 1934 - SOLD OUT

The Outdoorsman Collection
Disconnect from the trappings of city life, connect with nature and your genuine spirit.
> The Explorer (KIDS HAT)
> The Eagle
> The Blue Heron
> The Raven
> The Cooper's Hawk